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Product development

Or : “ Constantly and consistently meet your requirements ”

Since its creation, Ugigrip has developed an extensive range covering all the needs of each and every country in which tyre studs are used.
This range is regularly expanded to cater for changing regulations and changing customer requirements for their various applications.
In parallel, Ugigrip develops custom studs to meet particular customer specifications.

Ugigrip studs

By creating its own studs, Ugigrip is at the heart of the innovation for studded tyres.
The company has developed a range of more than 150 studs and offers 300 items of stud fitting equipment and spare parts.
Between 95 and 98% of its production is exported around the world.

Customisation of our range of classic studs

Do you have a specific need, close to our range of classic studs? We can customise each model to suit your needs, including special surface treatments, choice of carbide pin, modification of certain dimensions, and so on. It will thus become your product!

Custom studs to meet your specifications


Based on a thorough understanding of your needs, requirements and constraints, we carry out a detailed feasibility study.
This aims to take into account the possibilities and limits of our production facilities at the earliest possible stage.
The ultimate goal is to jointly draw up accurate requirement specifications to be applied in our design study.

Our design and the corresponding manufacturing procedure are checked by simulation in order to define the most suitable tooling.
All diagrams are drawn in-house, and materials are selected based on our experience.
This ensures that costs and lead times are controlled, for optimum implementation.

We finalise adjustments directly on our production machines to suit the tooling selected.
The settings are validated once stable production can be envisaged.
Our production samples must be representative of future mass production.

Depending on the results obtained, we work with you to determine any adjustments that may be needed.
We take all necessary improvements into account.
Close cooperation with our customers ensures that we are fully responsive.

Once the product has been approved, we finalise the adjustments and settings on the production machines.
We analyse our manufacturing capacity and define the parameters necessary to control the various processes.
A preliminary production run is performed, to confirm that everything is ready in-house and also in your processes.

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