UGIGRIP joins La French Fab

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UGIGRIP joins La French Fab

Resolutely focused on the future and the international market, UGIGRIP joined La French Fab.

What is it?

La French Fab embodies the transformation of French industry: an industry that is innovative, exporter and open to technological developments.
The stakes are high because the manufacturing sector stays the bedrock of French economy. It represents 213 300 companies, 2.8 millions of jobs and 10% of the French GDP.

What goals?

La French Fab was created the 2nd of October 2017, in order to support the French industry transformation, thus:
Accelerating said transformation,
Bringing together French industrialists under the same banner,
Incarnating a prosperous future and the appeal of French industry and its professions,
Promoting the excellence of French industry internationally.

What engagements?

By joining La French Fab, UGIGRIP commits, next to other industrial companies that plan for the future, to:
Pursue its international expansion
Make a team effort / present a united front

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