The secret of not having worries, for me at least, is to have ideas

Eugène Delacroix


A touch of originality

Or :  “ Think outside the box, but keep control ”


Ugigrip’s DNA contains that little touch of originality that our clients recognise and appreciate, because it is always associated with the rigorous approach demanded by our mission of ensuring the safety of motorists.

Renewal :

We thrive in a state of continual renewal, striving for excellence in order to achieve progress!

Technical expertise and creative spirit :

To cover all your needs:

-A classic range of over 150 studs
-New custom solutions created jointly with you

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Female management

Ugigrip is led by an all-female trio: Joëlle Daumas, Patricia Blondeau and Michèle Chapre. But their true distinguishing factor is their harmony. They complement and support each other, speaking with a single voice, and this is what creates their strength.

An independent, close-knit organisation

Ugigrip stands out for its flexibility in decision-making and action. The team is very reactive, attentive and flexible: “Each and every customer is important. Every request is taken into account to find an optimal solution.” And the R&D department has the resources not just to make suggestions, but to act!
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