Studded tyres are permitted in France on a specific period of time.

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Studded tyres are permitted in France on a specific period of time.

In certain French regions during the winter months it is obligatory for vehicles to be properly equipped.
Many people are however unaware that among the various equipments available for vehicles, studded tyres are an option. Lets have a closer look at the law for more details.

French law on winter tyres

During winter, some French roads require the use of specific winter equipment such as winter chains, winter socks or studded tyres: these roads are sign-posted as « B26 ».
Even in regions where there is no legal obligation for vehicles to be equipped with winter tyres they can highly be recommended, particularly in regions where temperatures drop below 7°C. Winter tyres offer better adherence and better resistance on wet, frosted and snowed-on roads.

Yes, studded tyres are allowed in France

Studded tyres are permitted between November 1st and March 31st the following year.
Studs offer better adherence on slippery roads with snow and ice. They are highly recommended in regions that experience extreme winter weather.
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What are the conditions laid out by law regarding studded tyres?

Before you equip your vehicles with studded tyres, here are a few things to know :

  • The speed limit is 90km/h for vehicles whose loaded weight is under 3.5 tons
  • The speed limit is 60 km/h for public transport vehicles and for certain types of vehicles that are exempt such as emergency vehicles, intervention vehicles, vehicles transporting essential needs, rare goods or dangerous goods, and vehicles ensuring winter safety
  • The obligation to place a sticker indicating the usage of studded tyres on the rear left side of the vehicle
  • Shapes and dimensions of studs are also specified but can be different in other countries: please make sure to check the law before travelling.

Ugigrip collaborates with tyre manufacturers and distributors to adapt ranges of classic studs and custom-made studs, based on the laws for each country.

You can read the specific law decree here for more details (in French): « Arrêté du 18 juillet 1985 relatif aux dispositifs antidérapants équipant les pneumatiques modifié le 10 juin 2021 ».

Once again: please make sure to check the legislation for the country you wish to travel to in winter.